#News420 – Today in Hartford, lawmakers began debate on a Legalization Bill!

OK. If dangers of pot are your big concerns, then we should legalize it. Cannabis is so much safer than so many legally abused substances, it’s just hypocritical to keep it illegal, and discourages the few people who DO have a problem with it from getting help. I’m sure there’s some who will be ‘addicted’ to weed. Shit. Everything is addictive to somebody.
So, instead maybe we should make chocolate and coffee illegal too?
#CT just #LegalizeIt already.


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Maybe, but we know it’s not worse. And it really shouldn’t cost more than non-organic…that’s just economics because it’s artificially scarce, even though if given a choice, almost everyone would choose organic, all else equal.


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Just like most people actually DO know that healthcare is complicated.


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Sounds crazy…Charged with a hate crime for a tweet. But it actually kinda makes some sense.


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Funny. We saw a TV show the other night where a kid climbed into the crane game, but I didn’t think it could actually happen IRL


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Speculate if you must…but if it wasn’t Daryl, she could be pretty fucked.
#WalkingDead #TWD #AMCWalkingDead #TalkingDead #TheWalkingDead


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