A toddler has shot and killed someone every week for the last two years

Posted: January 5, 2017 in news

History will recall the Toddler Revolt of 2016-17 as a turning point in human history. I think we should ban all toddler immigration and consider putting all toddlers on no fly lists before it’s too late. But of course, their right to bear arms must not be infringed, so they can still purchase weapons without an id check or grown-up permission.
Seriously though…Who exactly can pity you for being killed by your own stupidity? I mean, who lets their kid get a hold of a loaded pistol? Do you throw your used needles into his playpen too? Tie a pork chop around his neck and send him out to play with stray dogs? Slowly but surely, natural selection is thinning the herd. Sadly though, sometimes the toddlers shoot themselves or other kids. You know, maybe we should think about an IQ test requirement on allowing adults to buy dangerous things? SOME kind of test that shows you aren’t stupid enough to let your toddler shoot you with your own fucking gun, for Christ’s sake.



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