There’s Actually A Name For A Steering Wheel With A Big Spike In The Middle

Posted: January 22, 2017 in news

For years I’ve maintained that wearing a seatbelt gives the false illusion of safety, and makes you less safe in result. Cars with airbags and other safety devices make the driver feel ‘detached’ from the actual risk. Without the continuous thought in your head that you are taking your life in your hands when you turn the key, the mind is more apt to wander off and let your car hurtle you through death-defying space without your full attention. #danger
For years, I made everyone in my car wear their seatbelt while refusing to wear mine as the law required. “Why would I want to survive a wreck that killed all my passengers?”, I thought. Instead, I would leave my seatbelt unbuckled, allowing the thought that without it, I’m much more likely to get hurt or killed in a crash to fill my I’m NOT taking any extra risks, and I’m way more focused.
I’m intimately aware of the risk, and have no delusions of survival in a high speed crash…So I’m a lot less likely to lose focus and end up there. When you know that any idiot move by another motorist can result in your death, you are much more likely to stay aware and safe, than if you’re sure your car will protect you.
Let’s just say I don’t trust Detroit any more than I trust DC to protect me.
A steering wheel with a spike in the middle would go a long way to remind you that your car can, and will kill you if you aren’t super careful.

I wonder: does that mean a giant spike in the center the steering wheel is actually a safety device?


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