How artificial intelligence can be corrupted to repress free speech

Posted: January 24, 2017 in news

I am watching as free speech is routinely repressed in America through various means…and I grow more concerned daily. Any technology can be corrupted for use by the elements in our society who would prefer that we all just lay down and give in, no one voicing dissent against the all good and powerful Oz. I’m sure AI is dangerous for many other reasons as well.
I wonder how many people were saying “that could never happen HERE” in Germany in the late 30s. Do you think it could be more than who’ve said the same over the years about Orwell’s vision of 1984? I’m waiting for the book burnings foreshadowed by Fahrenheit 451 as the final sign before we begin the ‘transition of acceptance’ of our role as cogs in a bleak, faceless, Metropolistic future. #WelcomeToTheMachine folks.


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