Chordle for Windows 10 is a great songbook app for guitarists

Posted: January 26, 2017 in news

Thanks to WindowsCentral for the review…You got me to give a cool app a try.
Would’ve been nice to mention that the free version is really just a demo version, and lets you store a whopping 10 songs which you can’t export or anything once you’ve put them all in. To store ALL your songs and be able to freely use them elsewhere, you gotta come up with $6.99…Which you’ll likely only find out when you go to upgrade from the demo because it won’t let you add the 11th song. It’s an in-app purchase/unlock and pricing isn’t disclosed anywhere until time of purchase. It looks like a great app for songwriters, though the developers come off as greedy grunts for using in-app purchases to disguise a demo product as a free version. Why not provide a usable free product and then offer premium must have upgrades?
You know…On second thought, I probably won’t even use it because 10 songs is a lot of work to redo, and you can’t export, so…All that retyping into OneNote will suck.


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