Sanctuary cities: What’s at stake?

Posted: January 27, 2017 in news

It’s unconstitutional to use federal funds to force local agencies to cooperate with the federal government, and yet, it’s been done many times. Increase the speed limit above Federal 55?…lose funding. Don’t want to comply with #NoChildLeftBehind?…lose funding. The list of extortions that the Federal Government tries to manipulate state policy with is endless.

That’s because the tax system is backwards. We should pay ALL our taxes to the most LOCAL authority. State governments should have to get funding from cities/towns. The Federal government should be lobbying state legislatures for funding, rather than the States having to negotiate to get money back from the Feds…money back from funds extorted from the citizens of those States by Federal Taxation.

Think about how much waste could be trimmed if the Federal Government had to request funding for EVERYTHING from the States. Who in turn had to get their funding from the town or city which you live in. Where you get to vote on how much your share should be.
Think about it. Now, think about it again.
So, what do you think?



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