Get Outta My Head! | Jamie Gray January 30, 2017 at 01:00PM

Posted: January 30, 2017 in news

Hey people. Remember back in 2001 when George W. Bush told us that the ONE THING we would NEVER do, is to let the Terrorists win by bowing to fear and changing our way of life?
Well, apparently now it’s 2017, and Donald J. Trump and his merry band of incapables are saying just the opposite.
“Be afraid”, he says…because that’s the only way his offer to protect you makes any sense. Once you get used to his protection, I’ll bet he’ll find a way to make you pay for it…you know, no different than when the gangs collect “protection” from the local merchants.
Of course, what you REALLY need protection from is the one selling you protection…the one making you an offer you really can’t refuse. But you can #RESIST.
#jfs #gomh

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