Maryland lawmakers renew push to legalize and tax marijuana

Posted: February 1, 2017 in news

#News420 “”Marijuana is safer than alcohol,” said Del. Curt Anderson, a Baltimore Democrat.”

Truth. It’s time to end drug-biased discrimination. Just be cause my drug of choice is different from your drug of choice, does NOT give you the right to label me as “evil” or “bad” or “more likely to commit crimes”. The only “crime” most illegal drug users commit is getting and using their drug of choice…you know, because you made it ILLEGAL for them to do the same thing as you…they just choose a different way to “take the edge off”…maybe because their edge is worse than yours. Maybe they’re just weak.
Hey…We’re all just just human, and everyone has a drug. Alcohol, coffee, nicotine, valium, sex, religion, lithium, power, money, success. Whatever your drug of choice may be, you are a hypocrite to paint someone else in a negative light simply because their drug of choice is not the same as yours. What’s next, locking people up for not liking the same music that you do?
Keep your laws off my soul. #Resist


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