H.R.861 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.

Posted: February 7, 2017 in news

Reducing and streamlining regulations to be efficient stewards of the environment while promoting the safe and responsible use of resources is one thing. Getting rid of the whole agency charged with environmental protection is just a foolish publicity stunt. Anyone who would suggest this seriously is just fucking insane.
Instead, we should increase autonomy of agencies which are charged with protection of the common good – like EPA (FDA also) so that they cannot be swayed by political manipulations. Give them the power to protect us, and to create cost-neutral solutions, by forging partnerships with businesses that are working to IMPROVE the environment, and assistance to companies that are having trouble meeting the “clean green” requirements. Cost neutral means business should not suffer because we choose to protect our resources…in the long run, EVERYONE should prosper and nature should not pay the cost. We’ve been mislead to think that being environmentally responsible, organic and natural makes things more expensive and is bad for business. In reality, it’s just the opposite…if all electric power came from solar, wind, and geothermal energy, energy would be cheaper and cleaner. ALL businesses would benefit from lower energy costs, and the earth will thank us for thinking smarter…for a change. Don’t believe the bi-polar bullshit that the politicians try to feed you. Their goal is politics and manipulating your vote, not finding any actual solutions.



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