Three Myths About SNAP and “Food Stamps” Debunked

Posted: February 9, 2017 in news

The Truth about “Food Stamps”? Well, first, there are no stamps…at least not since like the 60s. In most cases it’s an EBT card, and people depend on on that card…SNAP… to feed their kids and themselves. Why? Because companies have decided that it’s OK to pay employees less than they can survive on. Because disabled veterans and people on Social Security and Disability…people who PAID into the Govt for this “social insurance”…are now being told by the US Government that they can live on less than the poverty rate.
THOSE are the people who depend on these programs. It’s not just a bunch of illegal aliens and lazy ghetto drug dealers like the GOP racist fucks want you to think it is. It’s your kids’ friends in school, in whitebread Connecticut or suburban Indiana. Your neighbors in middle-of-nowhere Kansas or backwoods Vermont. People who did nothing wrong, except to get into a bad place, a real jam, often not even of their own making.
The America I believe in would stop blaming the victims, and become the solution. not more of the same old problem. #EndPoverty #Truth #Resist #N0H8
…and there’s the myths THIS article debunks too.


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