‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest: What to expect

Posted: February 16, 2017 in news

Seriously. Anyone who thinks America is better without immigrants is fucked. #NotMyAmerica.
The more we open our borders to good people, and ensure that ALL people within our borders are treated fairly, the better our country will become. We should be ASHAMED that some so-called Americans suggest we deprive refugees safe haven. Turning away the oppressed only creates more enemies. Some beacon of hope and freedom we are. Good job, America.
Immigrants don’t steal jobs…most of them work three jobs…jobs that no one else will do for the shit wage offered, just to get by. They don’t steal welfare benefits or create crimes, and they work harder than most Americans, because they actually believe in the American Dream.
#InMyAmerica, everyone deserves a chance. A chance to survive…to keep food on the table, keep the heat and lights on, and warm clothes on their kids. Immigrants built this country. We are ALL immigrants. We are all foreigners and refugees…and the way we treat foreigners…those seeking shelter from a violent storm…that is how we…that is how America will be treated in this world. Or worse. #DayWithoutImmigrants



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