Get Outta My Head! | Jamie Gray February 23, 2017 at 04:19PM

Posted: February 23, 2017 in news

Why are people so fucking inconsiderate behind the wheel? When you’re making a left, move the fuck over to THE LEFT so I can go around you. And the speed limit, which is WAY TOO LOW just about everywhere anyway, is 35 not fucking 25.
I remember learning to drive and my dad saying…”step on the gas…you don’t want to hold up all the cars behind you”. Now suddenly, the roads are filled with self righteous fucks who think it’s their job to enforce the speed limit and not give a fuck if the person behind them needs to get someplace. I RARELY drive like it’s OK if I arrive next week, but when I do want to take my time, I always pull to the right and let people pass. I may not be in a hurry, but YOU could be.
You can always tell the asshole who is thinking “the speed limit is 30 and I’m going to make you OBEY”. To them I say, “Go Fuck Yourself!” Because, unless you’re the fucking Five-0, what YOU think I should be doing is irrelevant. I can’t wait till you get your self-driving cars, so my manually operated Mopar beast can use your collision avoidance sensors to force your dumb ass right over to the shoulder, as I fly right on by you.
#jfs #gomh

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