White House confirms chief of staff discussed Trump and Russia with FBI

Posted: February 24, 2017 in news

The plot thickens. The scandal grows.
Can anyone remember a presidential administration with so many scandals in the first few weeks? I can’t. And I’m old enough to remember both Nixon and Clinton.
Footnote for the historically challenged and the kids who done got teached two good in our public schools: Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment over illegal activities at the Watergate Hotel, thanks to which the media now keeps erroneously putting ‘gate’ at the end of every scandal, as if it’s the unwritten suffix for “huge fucking scandal”. Come to think of it, the scandals in the Trump administration keep coming so fast, the media isn’t even bothering to name them. Maybe it’s all just one, bigger than mother fucking scandal… #TrumpGate

Oh, we are so doomed. Please #Impeach45



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