When rivers caught fire and bald eagles were poisoned: why we need the Environmental Protection Agency

Posted: February 28, 2017 in news

I recently read a story about India’s Silicon Valley and problems there with pollution so bad that lakes and streams were catching fire. I’m old enough that I remembered it happening here, back in the dark days before the EPA. Companies were dumping toxic chemicals into the waterways and air, and we were all worried that the lack of clean air and water would lead to our destruction.
We got smart and made changes, and now people barely remember just how bad things were back in the 70s. We must not allow profits to outweigh preserving our existence. If we don’t take care of our world, it will no longer be able to support us.
We can’t let 45 and his band of wealthy robber barons rape our planet for profits. They must not be allowed to trade the future of humanity for their own gain.



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