Get Outta My Head! | Jamie Gray – March 03, 2017 at 12:05PM

Posted: March 3, 2017 in news

I honestly don’t know how anyone can sit back and remain quiet, with the huge amount of corruption and deception going on around us. The signs are really not very good that we are on the best path for our country, our planet, or our species.
Politicians are skilled at turning everything into a political debate, which benefits no one except them, and meanwhile no one really does anything that doesn’t result in personal gain of some sort.
While we’re all being distracted…and the distraction keeps growing more ridiculous daily, just to keep our attention…People, actual human beings are ‘falling through the cracks’. You can call them illegal immigrants or minorities or veterans…Or Americans…Or foreigners. But they are human beings, and none of your excuses justify denying them the basic dignity of being human. To live without fear of starvation or early death due to lack of medical care. To know their children will know peace rather than unending war, and be educated and have the chance to do better than the generation before.
To seek to achieve these things is to seek human progress. Everything else is just politics that seeks only to protect the wealthy and powerful from having a fucking conscience as they increase their bank accounts.
#jfs #gomh


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