China’s premier unveils smog-busting plan to ‘make skies blue again’

Posted: March 5, 2017 in news

Thanks to our new President, in 10 years or less China will be leaps and bounds in front of our green energy programs. China. Think about that for a second, and realize how we are being played by Trump, Tex Drillerson, and the rest of Big Oil and their wealthy pawns.
Even four years of this regressionist war on our environment will be enough to let China leap forward in weaning itself from dirty petrocarbons. Embracing clean, free alternative energy, China is poised take the lead in the Green Energy Revolution that SHOULD create millions of AMERICAN jobs and cheap, clean power to produce American products. THAT’S how to make America Great again…By making America a LEADER in new, positive technology to improve, rather than contribute to the destruction of our world.
Going back to what made us great 50 years ago is such a clueless suggestion from a clueless orange blob. We were great then because we were creating new technologies that changed the world. We built it here and sold it around the planet. Sounds a lot like China in 2017…Just saying.


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