Revolution Blues (pre-release mix)

Posted: March 15, 2017 in news

Happy Tuesday! Here’s the lyrics to my latest single “Revolution Blues” – Download it NOW for Free from Soundcloud
peace ~jg

Revolution Blues
-words & music by jamie gray

Hey Diddle-Diddle The Man is looking for you
You ain’t done nothing, but that’s got nothing to do.
With bullets and pride and hatred disguised in blue

The sun don’t shine thru the back door pane no more
They say it don’t matter if you’re rich or if you’re poor
It’s just dollars and cents, but yours is all spent for sure.

Well the rich get richer and the rest just try to get by
They watch every move we make and everything that we buy
They promise you Freedom,
then they tell you that you can’t get high
What do you mean The American Dream
Sounds more like a Lie

Red or Blue but the outcome’s just the same
It’s a crooked, twisted road to a bloody House of Pain
The Left and the Right and the twist of the knife again.

Down by the river where the blind man hid that gold
Where the time stands still, where the backbeat never gets old
Fall down on the ground, pray music will save our soul.

Well the rich get richer…

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