Why the Fuck Is No One Talking About Nukes?

Posted: April 4, 2017 in news

Frankly, I think it’s important that mankind has the ability to wipe ourselves off the planet.
But I’m pretty sure the stockpile we have is adequate, modern enough and well capable of accomplishing their task. Simply put, we’re wasting money if we invest in more weapons that we must never use. The ones we have are good enough.
Instead, how about we invest in the minds of our children, sparing NO EXPENSE to make sure that EVERY child that wants an education, receives the best education available for their skills. How about making sure that the poorest and weakest in our country are entitled to the same healthcare that the richest Americans can buy. The right to medicine, education and nourishment are non-negotiable, basic human rights, and it is not a breach of the tenets of the All Holy Capitalism to ensure that the holy trinity of human rights are protected FIRST. and THEN invisible hand is is free to take over. The market will never be “free” until America is the healthiest, well nourished and highly educated nation in the world…As well as the most profitable.
A #FreeMarket demands #EconomicJustice
#DemocraticSocialism is not #Communism



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