Opioid epidemic is FDA’s top priority, says Trump’s pick to head agency

Posted: April 6, 2017 in news

Hey Scotty G…
Have you heard about studies in States where weed is legal, showing that opioid addiction is being effectively treated with cannabis? That’s right…smoking a few joints helps people kick heroin addiction. And no, they don’t become “addicted” to marijuana. They may grow to love smoking it, and choose to smoke it a little too often now and then…you know, because it makes them FEEL GOOD…But since when is feeling good a crime? Marijuana is way safer than alcohol, which is legal. Real Addiction ruins lives. Ask an alcoholic. THAT kind of physical dependency NEVER happens with weed.
Here’s hoping you actually open your eyes and see a little truth.
#news420 #FDA #ScottGottlieb #opioids #addiction



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