Jeff Sessions has created a task force to review federal marijuana policies

Posted: April 7, 2017 in news

A task force. That’s rarely good. I mean, it’s not as if they staff the “force” with objective, reasonable investigators. No, they’ll only hire like minded kiss-asses who do what they’re told. This SHOULD be a reason for optimism…that research will be done and truths will come out…but we all know what will most likely happen, don’t we? Because the facts are CLEARLY not on the side of prohibition. It didn’t work with alcohol, and it doesn’t work with drugs. All you have to do is look at Chicago in the 20s and you understand exactly the problem with drugs today: Illegal drugs means violence, profits for criminals and costs of enforcement for government. Legalizing drugs would mean tax revenue for governments, which would offset enforcement costs with some left over for treatment when good folks get lost in addiction and need help finding their way back.
Which makes more sense to you? If locking people up for drug use is your answer, then you are a racist fuck. The drug war is all about putting people of color in jail, and we all know white people get a wrist slap for things unarmed black men get shot for.
So Jeff, are you a racist or not?


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