Even Trump’s Earth Day message was anti-science

Posted: April 22, 2017 in news

What the fuck do I even say anymore?
President Cheeto and his Band of Incapables never fail to disappoint. Seriously, on Earth Day, let’s discuss jobs and how to rip the resources out of the Earth even faster than ever, so we make lots of money for a few comrades of Trumpy, while creating a handful of jobs that in a few years will be like the coal miners in 2017…trying to hang on to an outdated job that’s about to be phased out for good. Because, one way or another, the gold rush ends. Or the oil rush. Or the coal rush. Or gas. Or iron. Or whatever the fuck you pull out of the ground and try to profit on at the expense of the environment. Sooner or later, people figure it out, and demand dries up, or the Earth starts to pay the price. It’s a fool’s game. We CAN’T justify destruction of our planet for profit and productivity alone. There must be SOME degree of responsibility and accountability, and we must demand it start with our leaders, who routinely ignore the right thing to do and the will of their constituents. We should clean house in Congress and impeach this fool and his complicit crew.
Oh look, I guess I found something to say, after all.

#Impeach45 #TermLimits #NoIncumbents
#TakeBackTheUSA #resist



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