New marijuana study’s implication on legalization debate

Posted: April 28, 2017 in news

This study is flawed, majorly bogus, failing to make a distinction between correlation (marijuana found in the system ) and causation (marijuana causing the crash). Marijuana stays in your system for months after you smoke it, but most people are capable of driving safely an hour or two after smoking. With Legalization, it’s not surprising that marijuana would be found in the system of many more people, who will test positive long after they are perfectly safe behind the wheel. All that this study just confirmed is that people are smoking more weed. And sometimes they die in car crashes. That have causes. That are probably not related to cannabis use at all. We don’t know, because they don’t mention it. Gee. Why not?
Studies like this, that manipulate the truth in attempt to derail common sense legislation, must be par for the course for AAA. Boo. Hiss to you. I hereby withdraw my membership and will NOT be renewing again.
#LegalizeIt #News420 #AAA #FakeScienceSucks


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