Bernie Mocked For Not Being Corrupt

Posted: May 7, 2017 in news

If that’s all they can mock him for, then mock away. The truth is, Bernie is one of the few in DC who are standing up for YOU. Democratic Socialism is not Communism, as the right would have you believe. Democratic Socialism is democratic like Capitalism, but unlike Capitalism, requires an evolved sense of priorities, whereby society agrees that we need to take care of each other’s basic, human needs first…and then decide where to spend the rest.
It means you don’t put building schools and hospitals in third world countries before making sure everyone has access to the best healthcare and education available here at home. It requires that we consider that for the price of a few F-35s every American could be guaranteed a living wage. Take away a few tax breaks for fossil fuel megacorps, and every child in America could be guaranteed a great education with a four year college degree.
Most of our leaders are so busy lining their own pockets and the pockets of their cronies, they’ve long since forgotten who they represent and why. We should treasure Bernie as the National Hero that he is, and put him in the Whitehouse in 2020…. Or sooner.
#Impeach45 #Bernie2020


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