Nevada races to get recreational marijuana on shelves in record time

Posted: May 26, 2017 in news

I wish CT was in a rush to legalize like Nevada is. IMO any state that thinks “prohibition” is a better option than “tax and regulate” has their head right up their ass. You are missing out on tax revenue and locking people up because their drug of choice isn’t legal. It’s just wrong, and more often than not, racist.
Imagine a world where beer was illegal. Where if you wanted a beer after work, you had to buy it from a black market source who either brewed it themselves or smuggled in Canadian beer…well, you THINK it’s Canadian, you have no way of actually knowing. More likely, it’s made in a NJ basement.
Crime lords are running the beer market, and violence/murder over beer is an everyday news story on TV. A 12oz Labatts Lite costs $20, and the government makes ZERO tax revenue on illegal beer, instead spending millions to arrest illegal brewers, and bartenders, and beer drinkers. Alcoholics get arrested instead of going to rehab, and the third time in the drunk tank means a 20 year sentence in SuperMax, maybe longer if you’re black and the judge has a racist bend.
OK. Now imagine instead beer was legal. Oh wait. It is legal. Nobody gets arrested unless they do some really stupid shit…like drinking and driving. Everybody makes money and people who have a drinking problem can get help, many times for free if they have health insurance. Oh…and most importantly…beer drinkers get to enjoy their drug of choice without fear of persecution or prosecution.
It’s long past time the same was true about cannabis. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol in the 20s, and it hasn’t worked for cannabis since the 30s, when it was made illegal for largely racist reasons (and profit). It’s time for change.


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