Horrific Afghanistan bombing highlights stalemate in longest U.S. war

Posted: May 31, 2017 in news

Let’s go back in history, just a few short years. The Soviet Union…remember them? They spent a whole bunch of years in the Middle East…mostly Afghanistan. #YadaYadaYada, it BROKE their economy. The Soviet Union broke up, and Russia is now desperately trying to hang on to influence in satellite countries that USED to be a part of its economy (like Crimea).
Well, that’s where America is headed. We are burying our nation in debt in order to continue the war efforts…an UNDECLARED war, that is almost as unpopular as our President. The only thing saving us for now, is that ALL of the world’s fiat currencies base their own values on the almighty US Dollar. For now.
But when the scales tip and we can no longer pay the interest on the HUGE debt, they will run to a new standard…and the USA will be fucked. Want an idea how big the debt payments are now? $210 BILLION. Almost the entire budget for MEDICAID. Dwarfing education and other social services budgets, our debt payments amount to 30% of our nearly $700 BILLION military budget!
Best of all, each tick in interest rates…each 0.25% increase in interest on those debts will send the payments soaring, until they rival/exceed our MILITARY budget, and eventually become unpayable. Suddenly, the world sees the USA as TOO RISKY, and no longer looks to the USD as the basis for commerce.
The Fed plans to raise interest rates 3 times in 2017.
History books will likely refer to this period as “The End of the American Era.”

ps…Here’s where all the stats/numbers came from: http://bit.ly/2qGb1I7 if you’re one of those fact checkers



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