Perspective | Everyone agrees ‘driving while high’ is bad. But what does that even mean?

Posted: May 31, 2017 in news

It’s true. Basically, the amount of time that it takes for each person to “come down” to where they can drive normally is different for everyone. If you rarely partake in the essential herbs, you may need a couple hours after a single bong hit. If you use medical marijuana hourly to control your pain, you may be good to go just a few minutes after you smoke.
Allowing for driving skills variations, and the performance enhancement effects of cannabis…yes, some people might actually drive BETTER while “stoned”, especially if their driving skills are excellent to begin with…and you have a very hard time proving any correlation between THC levels and driving impairment.
IMO – Legally, as long as there is no accident and you aren’t driving erratically, you should be given a pass. Otherwise, throw the book at you, unless you can prove the accident was not your fault. I mean, the fact that you got in an accident while your THC level was “elevated” is a pretty good testimony against you being “ok to drive”.
Look…The bottom line is, if you’re feeling stoned and aren’t sure if you should drive, you shouldn’t drive. And be honest with yourself…lying to yourself when stoned is, like, really hard, dude.
Don’t be a dumbass…Take a few minutes…wait until you aren’t so fucking high. Or give somebody else the keys.


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