Analysis | Senate leaders plan to rush a health-care bill to a vote, and there’s nothing Democrats can do about it

Posted: June 19, 2017 in news

Obviously, the republicans learned ZERO — nothing — from the Democrats approach to healthcare legislation. Ramming it down the other party’s throat. That’s bad sure. But the GOP is up to much, much more…because they’re drafting the whole thing in secret, and planning to push it to a vote without CBO review. How can anyone be expected approve any legislation on something as important healthcare without thorough peer and budgetary review? #TrustUs And more importantly, what’s with all the secrecy? This affects ALL Americans, and should be debated in public.
This may seem like simple legislative negligence, but if you consider big picture, it is easy to see it as completely criminal. These people think they are above the law, and can abuse the public trust so blatantly without fear of reprisal. They are NOT acting in our best interest, but in the interest of themselves and their corporate sponsors only.
Only YOU and I can make sure they discover how wrong they are.
See you in November, GOP mother fuckers.
#VOTE #Resist


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