U.S., Russia, Iran draw new red lines in Syria

Posted: June 19, 2017 in news

More escalation.
So, we just shot down a flagged warplane of a sovereign nation that we are not at war with. Russia has come to Syria’s defense, saying that they will shoot down any US plane that crosses the Euphrates River. So, Iran of course decides this is a GREAT time to start launching missiles into Syria. If you ask me, it’s not gonna take much now to push things right over the edge. I only have one question…where will war break out first? Will it be Korea? Iran? Taiwan? Is this start of the big showdown with the “Axis of Evil”?
OK. Technically, that was 2 questions. And I have a third: If war breaks out, will our Navy be able to figure out how to avoid running into things and defend itself?



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