Criminal database checks are coming to airports

Posted: June 21, 2017 in news

If you’re ok with criminal background checks at airports, how the fuck can you have a problem with the same to purchase a firearm?

Personally, I’m NOT ok with airport checks, but I would support gun purchase checks as long as no data is stored (completely purged) when you PASS the background check. FAILED checks should be reviewed and stored, and should be appealable. On successful appeal, all record of the background check should be purged.

I do not support a database of gun owners, at any level, as it is a breach of privacy. Because lists of gun owners COULD be used to target those people in the event that our government becomes corrupt. Part of the intent of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure that a corrupt Federal government could ultimately be deposed by an armed resistance. This, hand in hand with the language prohibiting a Federal Standing Army, opting instead for State Militias as the primary national defense against our own system becoming corrupt beyond repair.

Give the feds a standing, heavily weaponized army, and take away the rights of the people to own equal weaponry, and we become powerless to depose a coup or dictator.
Oh…and militarizing the police force is just a sneaky way around posse comatatis. If you can’t bring in the army, give cops the same tools and pretend they are still peace officers.
The signs are there. #resist


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