We only have 3 years left to turn the corner on global warming

Posted: June 28, 2017 in news

You know…these guys should get together and stop changing the numbers. Nobody takes you seriously if you cannot provide a RELIABLE estimate. It’s one of the reason that Climate Change is still being denied…because y’all keep failing at providing metrics that are confirmed by multiple studies.
If your theories are CORRECT, then the numbers should be confirmable by multiple researchers. Same numbers each time. Oh…and then stick to those numbers. I mean, if one day somebody tells us we have 30 years, and then suddenly it changes to 3, who the fuck is going to believe ANY of you? Just saying.
We really need to work on giving our “climate scientists” a decent background in actual “sciencing” instead of climate politics, backed by a lack of scientific consensus. Also, I really hope these guys are wrong, because i don’t see it happening in 3 years. Trump would still be president. Just saying.



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