With U.S. healthcare bill in disarray, Republicans demand revamp

Posted: June 28, 2017 in news

How about a deliberate and cooperative effort to design a non-partisan bill that maximizes benefits for ALL Americans, and minimizes the expenses? Not some super-secret evil plan to rob 20+ Million people of their benefits…wtf?
No…This must be done in the open, with support from across the aisle and the President. Insurance companies must be protected from extensive losses, but must not be allowed to dictate public policy to the detriment of the health of the American Public. Affordable healthcare should be available to ALL Americans, rich or poor. End of story. Anything else is really just thinly veiled, elitist discrimination…or it’s uglier cousins, racism and hatred…By the public “servants” who have GREAT healthcare, thanks to the American Taxpayer. Seriously, you Fucking Hypocrites in Congress need to GO if you can’t do this RIGHT!
The overall health of the hive benefits the human colony as a whole. A Healthy Hive is a Productive AND Happy Hive. Buzz buzz, motherfuckers.



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