Will Smith Agrees You Should Be Watching Christopher Nolan Movies in Theaters and Not on Netflix

Posted: July 21, 2017 in news

Sure Will. When they start making movies that are worth $14 per seat, maybe I will go to the theater again. But as long as Hollywood keeps churning out shit…remakes of old movies that weren’t that great the first time, sequels ad infinitum, and C movies that have no real story to play off the gazillion dollar special effects…I think I’ll watch at home, where $15 buys a whole month of movies on HBO…or better yet,$9 for Netflix.
Did I mention $10 popcorn? Go fuck yourself if you think I’m paying $10 for 11¢ worth of corn and faux butter. It’ll take more than a $9 Pepsi to help me to swallow THAT shit.
I will always love the big screen, but hell, even the screens aren’t that big anymore!
Seems like Hollywood is committing suicide to me.



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