Supreme Court ruling leads to offensive trademark requests

Posted: July 23, 2017 in news

Honestly, I agree. When you ban hate speech, it can hide and fester in the shadows. But when you lay the cards on the table, you let people speak freely…then you get to see who the haters are. The darkness is exposed and they can be brought into line with society through social tools, such as peer pressure. Shunned for their hateful speech, the racists will either change or just learn to shut the fuck up…meanwhile giving us plenty of targets to ridicule on social media, even as our stomachs churn.

Article quote from one of the guys trademarking the N-Word:

Maynard, 50, said he is not racist but believes that saturating the market with such epithets can rob them of their racist connotations. The idea is to spark discussion and turn “hate into hope,” he said in a phone interview.

“If you suppress it, you give it power,” Maynard said.


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