Are Americans Warming Up to Self-Driving Cars?

Posted: July 25, 2017 in news

I say bring ’em on. Then we can put all these morons who don’t take the time to learn how to drive or practice/improve their driving skills into them ASAP. Make the driving test for REAL cars HARD — more like the tests for Aircraft Pilots with weather certifications etc. Then take away the “driver’s” license, and the right to cause accidents, from all the lazy fuckers who don’t really like driving and just want to get from point A to B, and put them in a fucking self-driving Uber.
If you’re not a good driver, you shouldn’t fucking drive. The reason distracted driving is such a problem is because most people can barely handle a vehicle WITHOUT distractions, yet they blast down the road thinking they know what they are doing because we gave them a “LICENSE” (which basically proves you can follow simple patterns and rules at very low speeds in good weather, not that you can make good driving decisions or react properly in an emergency, or that you can drive in the dark or the rain or, god forbid, the snow).
#BadDriversSUCK – take their license away and put ’em in #SelfDrivingUbers. Seriously.


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