Entire Fields in California and Other States Are Rotting: Trump’s Immigrant Policy In Action

Posted: July 31, 2017 in news

To be clear, the fact that illegal immigrants are the driving force behind agriculture is the big problem. One main reason immigration is a such a sore spot politically is because whole industries, like agriculture and construction, depend on low cost illegal labor, and the government turns a blind eye to the creators of these under-the-table jobs, instead arresting the illegals who cross the border to fill those positions.
It’s all about money and exploitation…as usual. Let the food rot, and we all pay more for groceries. That’s how the wheel goes ’round. It’s like they are holding America for ransom, threatening outrageous food prices if we don’t condone their right to hire illegals and exploit the currency gap.
FUCK YOU. Pay a real wage and cut the salaries of management. Easy peasy.



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