Trump’s Russian Laundromat

Posted: July 31, 2017 in news

Watching our Country run this way makes me feel….well, dirty…and not in a good way. I’m not ashamed to be American. No, I’m ashamed that there are others among us…LOTS of them apparently, who think that THIS is what it means to be American. I’m also a little concerned that you might mistake me for one of them.
I’m not, and God help us for letting it get THIS bad. I suppose we all tacitly helped by not saying #WHATTHEFUCK sooner…right?
But you know what? I won’t apologize, because this is NOT my fault. I’m proud of my country, and what I believe it means to be an American. But I’m definitely not proud of some of my countrymen…our corrupt leaders and their un-American acts in the name of greed and power. I, and many other Americans disavow their actions. Fuck them. I don’t feel safer because of you.
You know…the trouble with representative government is that, to WORK, it MUST actually REPRESENT the views of the PEOPLE. It’s pretty obvious to most of us now that ours no longer does. Our government represents corporations and the elite class, and runs everything to their liking. We’re given choices enough to BELIEVE we can make a difference by our votes. Just enough choice to to make it LOOK and FEEL like a democracy.
Hopefully the world can look beyond the actions of this Whitehouse and Congress, and not judge America by it. We can change. Really we can. We will.
Hell, even most of the asshats who voted for this mess are getting worried now. Worried they made a BIG…possibly HUGE mistake.
#NotMyPresident #TimeForChange #Resist


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