Get Outta My Head! | Jamie Gray – August 01, 2017 at 08:51PM

Posted: August 1, 2017 in news

Our trial of Hulu is, thankfully, almost over. Not because the 30 days is up, but because we’ve somehow managed to make it through 3 commercial infested impossible to binge watch seasons of #TheStrain.
The trial has convinced me of several things.
First, I will NOT become a Hulu subscriber. I can’t bear another repetitive annoying commercial…it’s as if you only have two advertisers. And one of them is Hulu.
Second, and this goes out to your advertisers mostly, I won’t buy your products. Ever. I hate you as much as I hate Hulu. You should stop spending money to turn people against you.
Third, thanks for showing me how much better the Netflix experience…and value is compared to Hulu.
Fuck you #Hulu. Fuck your dog, and goodbye (after two more episodes and 47 repetitions of the same two ads).
#jfs #gomh

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