Posted: August 12, 2017 in news

Aren’t we all a little afraid of exactly this? Seems like it used to be easier to give life meaning…back when we embraced the Arts for their intrinsic value, not just their worth in dollars. But then we’ve cut funding to our schools, who routinely choose sports programs to receive funding, over art and music programs, leaving our children deficient, for generations, in any way to value themselves, other than wealth and fame. It’s kinda sad.
I’ll likely never be famous or rich. Someday, maybe the world will discover my artistic endeavors, or maybe they won’t. In either case, I will always know that my life hasn’t been useless because of my creations. ALL of them, regardless of their perceived value to society. THAT is what Art and Music education taught ME.
Some things just have intrinsic value that you can’t hang a price tag on. I guess I’m lucky I’m old enough to remember when a “decent education” included art, music, AND sports, so that nearly ALL students could seek self reward in something…that SOMETHING that helps make us feel whole.


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