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How much would a ticket for Trump cost? Can we get that bird in the air next month? Just wondering. #Impeach45

Imagine a world without Autism. Then tell Jeff Sessions and Congress to get the fuck out of the way and let us have our cannabis.

#News420 #autism #BongHitsAgainstAutism

Only in Corporate America.
Funny… According to conservatives, giving food and healthcare to the poor is supposedly counter productive, because it makes people lazy and rewards them for failure. But giving a corporate executive almost $200 million for utter failure is commonplace. Don’t you think that money would be better spent…I don’t know, ANYWHERE.?

C’mon Neil, just give it up already.

Neil Young’s Painful Rebranding of His Music Service Won’t Save It

…and nearly everyone else in the world as well.

Have you seen Steve?

Despite the best efforts of mankind, the Earth still can summon up the wow factor. #earthday