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International Booty call for Bao Bao. Pandas only need apply.
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Bull escapes New York slaughterhouse

Posted: February 21, 2017 in news

He didn’t make it. 🙁
That bull had balls.

Like a wave, it builds. Eventually I can’t take any more bullshit from the world. From POTUS 45. From the media whores on both sides of the artificially polarized issues…Walter Cronkite is fucking clawing at his coffin lid. From the GOP…Grand Old Party…Party of Lincoln…you’re just a fuck-fired disgrace to your legacy…but I digress.
So I unplug; disengage. The cruelty. The daily lies. The blatant manipulation of the masses. The headlines stick to you, and after a couple of days reading, sharing and commenting on the stories that enrage, engage and amaze, the ‘spirit me’ feels like it’s covered in slimey goo. Political sleaze and exploitative elite, teaming up to fill our lives with all the misery and suffering we can take, and the media reporting it as if it’s just another day in paradise. One can only stomach so much without flinching.
But then recovery. I can deal with it again. Forward. #Further. It’s just a #VisciousCircle. Probably one of the levels of Hell, but don’t get me going on the theological consequences. Fuck you 45 and your #GangOfIncapables. Fuck you very much.
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There are some really evil motherfuckers in this world. Thankfully this one is no longer on the loose.

The only fake news I see lately seems to be coming from the Whitehouse. #Sweden #BowlingGreen #Atlanta They are all false claims of Islamic terrorism to justify the administration’s unconstitutional ban. They are also Islamophobic tools of a racist adminstration meant to manipulate and create division. Don’t be fooled.

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No, but your Perfect Partner is always someone who is nice to you. always.
It’s a one-way logic thing…Not every person who is nice to you is a perfect partner, but every perfect partner is nice to you. Never stay with anyone who isn’t nice to you. You deserve better.

The city that never sleeps. Sleeping.
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