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“The mark of a true asshole is a mind closed to truth and reason.” ~jamie gray

Why snail mail?
“The answer seems to be simply that they can’t get a meeting”.
Shocking. #JeffSessions, like #Trump and the whole Trump administration, simply chooses ignore anything he doesn’t agree with or like. News flash: It won’t go away no matter how much you wish it, Mr. Evil Racist Keebler Elf

#Transcendence really a great album. A Prog-CrossGenre classic. #ProgXGen

You can hear Transcendence and other tracks from #DevinTownsend and #DevinTownsendProject every day on Indie Brew Radio!
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Another resignation. The Trump adminstration is a submarine with a revolving door, and the rats are rapidly bailing from the sinking SS Trump.
IMPEACH. That’s the acrostic message spelled out from the first letters of the 7 paragraph resignation letter, and it says it all:
“I used to to work for you, but now all I can hope is that YOU get a #PinkSlip from the American People”
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain -> #ImpeachTrump

#impeach #resist #NotMyPresident

I swear it wasn’t me!
Though seriously, if people don’t start learning how to fucking drive, it someday could be. Learn how to drive, or get a ride from somebody. Simple.
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It get’s confusing right? I mean, the map they show during the opening just doesn’t really help you understand Westeros, much less where the hell all these people are/were/will be.
Help is here!
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Self healing rubber you say?! Sounds pretty cool to me. No more flat tires!

This is your brain on Trump. Just say NO.