Anyone put to death by the Government for Drug Dealing will have been MURDERED by the Government, suffering a cruel and unusual penalty that does NOT fit the crime. It would be like giving bootleggers the chair for running moonshine…this is NOT China, or Putin’s Russia, or Duterte’s Philippines, where a repressionist minority dictates their right wing biased will upon the masses without consent. No, last time I checked, this was still a DEMOCRACY.
People have the RIGHT to choose their drug of choice, and they should be able to buy it without government interference. You don’t rid the streets of drug dealers by threatening them…you put them out of business, by legalizing a controlled, supply & demand driven market. If you get rid of prohibition, you get rid of the black market. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol 100 years ago because it is a failed idea, that doesn’t work for controlling public use of ANY drug.
The BEST control is the TRUTH and the TRUTH is never found when one closes their eyes and depends on superstition and taboo, rather than science and fact. Want an example? #Tobacco. Telling the truth about tobacco use has been the SINGLE biggest reason for decreased smoking, in both teens and adults in America. #CheckIt
Jeff Sessions is misinformed and a fool at best, or he knows the truth and is manipulating it for political, racist purposes at worst. He should NOT be in a position which requires a person to be ethical…Like #USAG.

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#WhatIF ALL of America’s schools had all the money and resources they needed for our children to succeed, and the #Pentagon had to hold fundraisers to build more F-35s?
People…THAT’S how it’s supposed to be in democratic society #EndlessWars & #ArmsDeals are unacceptable.

#gomh #JustFuckingSaying

Flying cars can’t come soon enough.

Can i tell you how sick i am of idiots who can’t drive, slowing me down with their stupidity and rudeness?

Let’s be clear that flying cars must be SELF- Piloting because the LAST thing we need is to let these numb brains try to FLY the things.

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What if you’re already booked? Change your ticket for another airline. I mean, why the fuck are you even thinking of flying United? …especially with a loved one (your pet).
#BoycottUnitedAirlines until they get their treatment of pets…AND humans…right.

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Hear ye hear ye #Texas. You need to do this.
You’ve elected an asshole, and you need to fix it. #VotePeteSessionsOUT

“The way to fix this one is probably to vote Pete Sessions out of office, which Texans have an opportunity to do this November. “

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I’m pretty sure I drank wine with Dennis at the Ritz one night in the 90s…bit of a wine snob if I’m remembering right (some REALLY good shit)…the man had some stories to tell…or maybe it was just the wind.


Dennis McNally was the Grateful Dead’s publicist from 1984 to 1995, and later with #GratefulDead Productions and Bob Weir & Ratdog, and the Dead’s biographer (A Long Strange Trip).

Are you fed up yet?
It’s not as if you can actually DO anything about it. Or can you?
#Vote in November.
#SpeakOut NOW
#RESIST Always.

#gomh #JustFuckingSaying