Does no one else find it wrong that the American taxpayer is paying millions for food, lodging, and golf for the President, to the President’s own companies? For services rendered to the president…for leisure no less.
This is the TEXTBOOK definition of profiteering.

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There can be only one…and it’s in Bend, Oregon. The ONLY place you can (legally get stoned and) forget to return that video to Blockbusters.

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Dear @Twitter
No wonder no one uses your app. I use Tweetdeck on my desktop, but of course you killed the Android version.
This piece of shit is worthless…or your native feed is completely FUBAR. Either way…you are digging your own grave and killing a GREAT service.

#gomh #JustFuckingSaying

Everybody say “Thank you” to the #UK for giving us a few well needed laughs thanks to the #TrumpBlimp and resultant meme. There’s so little joy in Mudville these days…it’s just no fun watching ‘Casey’ strike out…over and over again.
Most. Ignorant. President. Ever.

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Because he has no evidence because there is no evidence because they are LIES. Immigration and diversity make us…and Europe stronger, not more vulnerable. THAT is what history shows again and again.

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A glimmer of hope?
Inmates in Guantanamo have been tortured, abused and denied representative justice. No trials. No convictions. No evidence. All of them just held, against their will, for years on end. Three presidents from BOTH parties have watched them sit there in Gitmo, and despite promises or pleas, all have done nothing. Our Congress has done nothing. Justice denied.
This is not MY America. This makes me sick to call myself American. These are prisoners of an illegal war, and all three presidents should be held accountable…as criminals.
All of these men deserve a fair trial immediately, and any found innocent should be WELL compensated for the “mistake” that cost them many years of their lives.

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Sure. You’re all for freedom of religion when it’s YOUR religion. But you see, religion is about personal choice. The framers and authors of the Bill of Rights understood that the state does NOT have to approve your religion in order for it to be constitutionally valid…that’s what they meant by the VERY FIRST Amendment which says: “Congress shall make no law respecting religion…”. Or DISrespecting religion as in this case .

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