In order to change Jeff Sessions’ mind, he would first need to open it enough to look at the scientific facts objectively, rather than believing in fables and fabrications, the 90 year old propaganda that he normally bases his decision making on.
I’m not sure I see that happening. This is NOT an objective or scientific man we’re talking about…no, he’s a religious zealot who believes that white men are “special”. I can agree that there’s a special place in Hell for HIM, and a lot of his Good Old Boy buddies. He’s a very #SpecialAsshole



$80 Billion for Dept. of Education – our kids. our future.

$220 Billion for INTEREST PAYMENTS on National Debt

$800 Billion on “Defense” (aka bombing other countries around the world in the name of peace)

It’s pretty clear that we have our heads directly up our asses, our priorities completely backwards. Oh…and these are 2016 Numbers…this doesn’t account for ANYTHING Trump is doing (and trust me, NOTHING he’s doing is making things any better).

The #NationalDebt is now 109% of our GDP and rising…and it will KILL AMERICA’S ECONOMY if we don’t take action NOW, rather than adding $Trillions more to it in stupid spending.

PS… If you aren’t already horrified…Did I mention that RISING INTEREST RATES will DOUBLE or TRIPLE the interest payments in a few years…even if the debt doesn’t increase a penny? Now you know.

Be afraid. Then, pick up the phone and call your representatives and say “NO to Tax Cuts for the Wealthy”.


#RoyMoore wouldn’t know God if She was sitting right next to him. Stop pretending you listen to “His Voice”. You’re obviously listening to some OTHER voice. #666
Because…Hey Roy…Jesus would slap you upside your racist head for the choices you’ve made. It’s pretty clear that GOD didn’t want you to win. Did you hear me?
GOD wanted you to LOSE so that the American people might be spared your hateful folly. I truly hope God’s plan for you includes prison for statutory rape, where you will learn that baby rapers are the LOWEST of LOWS…even among the incarcerated unwashed.



Donald Trump has just received an Award…
The BIGGEST LIE of the year!
Good job. Nicely done. Rumor has it you had more than one entry in contention, but why should we be surprised that you’d stuff the ballot box?



#wilf – to deflate or shrink rapidly
As in: The inflatable tube wilfed and we sank.
#ChangeApproved #jfs


Fuck you #CBS, and your bullshit pay-per-Trek policies. #TheOrville is the #StarTrek of a NEW generation. Better plots. Better social consciousness. Better entertainment.
And it’s all FREE.



Some of the worst poverty in the modern world is right here in the US of A. Racism and hate are the TRUE cause of poverty. Southern states, like Alabama and Mississippi are some of the worst, and the majority of the poor are Minorities…ignored by the GOP representatives who have been elected by White voters and mandated to keep the poor black citizens in poverty while the White folks get benefit.
Things don’t change much in the south…still trying to benefit at the expense of descendants of former slaves.