Groovy baby! Rocking along with this swinging serpent to a little Creedence…happy Tuesday everybody.

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Happy Birthday, Bobby, you old fuck.

Keep doing what you’re doing man
Do it till it’s done
Another lap in space,
a long strange trip around this sun
Another year to rock this Rock,
The journey yet undone
Keep it up, Long distance runner
Truckin’ right into The Other One.

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Look President Trump, they got their death toll up to almost 50. Will you expedite aid NOW?!?
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We should rebuild ALL of our grid, to include power storage and alternative energy sources. Right now, Puerto Rico has like zero grid, so how much MORE sense does it make? You have to rebuild anyway…why not do it right for a change? And, it’s pretty fucking sunny there near the equator, so how much sense does solar make? Why do it if you’re not going to #DoItRight

#News420 Unless you can prove impairment, and exact correlation to a specific levels of a substance that is easily tested for without invasive testing, it won’t hold up in court. No current testing for THC levels in the body reliably indicates impairment. Heavy users may have baseline levels of THC that exceed legal limits when completely unimpaired, while an infrequent user may be completely inebriated at levels far below legal impairment criteria. Still others actually find their driving…and other motor skills and reflexes…enhanced by elevated THC levels. You’re welcome, should you ever need the info…which I hope you don’t. Please don’t drive while you are high!! No matter how much they say is legal…
If too many nuggz got you feelin’ the buzz
wait till it fades… don’t drive off in a daze..

#News420 It’s not just #WineCountry that’s burnt…It’s #CannabisCountry too!
#burntweed #CaliforniaBurning

What are YOU most afraid of? Does it make the list?